Don't tolerate piercings put a hole in your oral Strength

A leading health clinic is calling on people to understand the risks associated with oral piercings after uncovering their amazing popularity.
The clinic wants everyone who has, or is considering getting, an oral piercing to understand the risks associated with them and take the necessary steps to avoid the health problems which they are related to.
CEO of the dental clinic in ahmedabad, Dr.Alaap Shah And Dr.Kinjal Shah BDS, MDS, discussed the hazards which oral piercings can have on a person's oral health.

Dr Alaap said: "Our research has found that a sizeable amount of people are choosing to have oral piercings, they have become a extremely stylish form of self-expression but not everyone realizes the possible long and short term damages that they can have on our mouths.

"Oral piercings are a major source of chipped or cracked teeth due to trauma when they come into contact with the teeth; many people even have a habit of biting or playing with their piercing which can be extremely risky and can often lead to wide dental work.

"The mouth also contains a massive amount of bacteria and is an ideal place for infection to arise, this is particularly the case with new piercings as it is an open wound and needs constant care and attention to avoid infection. An infection can quickly lead to other more serious conditions such as blood poisoning.

"The act of getting a piercing is itself extremely dangerous as if done wrongly can cause issues such as stable numbness of the tongue, blood loss, excessive swelling which affects breathing and swallowing and and in harsh cases and increased risk of HIV and Hepatitis B."

The Oral Health Foundation is encouraging people to fully research the health risks associated with oral piercings and if they still wish to have it done ensure that they do so with a trustworthy provider and confirm that it is done in a clean and safe environment.

Dr Aalap added: "On a day to day basis oral piercings can interfere with such basic functions such as speech, chewing and swallowing, there is positively a lot of things to think about before going out to get an oral piercing.
"But, as our research shows, many people already have oral piercings. Our advice to these people is to keep it as clean as probable; using an antiseptic mouthwash habitually can help to do this.

"Try to avoid playing or fiddling with it and having it come into contact with teeth, especially when speaking or eating as this leads to teeth wear which can lead to general dental interference.

"If you are taking part in sports remove the jewellery to minimise the risk of any injure through trauma.

"Most importantly although ensure you visit your dentist frequently, as often as they suggest, to look after the generally health of your mouth and avert any long term problems from increasing."

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